Wax Capsules

The best solution to stabilize and deliver oil soluble actives.

Carnauba wax lipid capsules are composed of biodegradable lipids that show low toxicity.

Compared to other waxes, carnauba wax is significantly less viscous (and therefore easier to handle during the processing of the capsule), more elastic, more resistant to deformation and has very favorable properties of physical and chemical stability, good tolerability and biodegradability making it an excellent release system for oil-soluble active ingredients.

The small size ensures close contact with the stratum corneum and can increase the amount of active administered to the skin.


A gateway for oil actives in aqueous-based formulations.

eCapsules is a delivery system specifically designed and developed to overcome limitations in the formulation and release of oil soluble actives. They are 100% natural origin,water dispersible, PEG-free, nano-structured lipid capsules (NLC) that encapsulate and transfer oil soluble active ingredients within the skin, enhancing its efficacy and stability within formulation. Ideal for green, natural formulations.

Showing a great stability under different pH and temperatures, eCapsules’ lipid matrix protects the active ingredient against chemical degradation but also due to its occlusive properties has a great impact in avoiding trans epidermal water loss. This system helps active ingredient skin penetration providing a sustained release of ingredients and to improve skin tolerance.

eCapsules are biodegradable, biocompatible, easy-to-quantify, compatible with most of surfactants (commonly used in cosmetics) and easy-to-customize.