Higher stability in your formulations with fitosterol-based liposomes

Phytostecol is a technology that combines traditional encapsulation in liposomes with novel delivery systems. It incorporates fitosterol to their membranes for improved capsule stability and better performance in different conditions of pH.

Delivery system resembling cellular membranes, consisting of a phospholipid bilayer and inserted phytosterol molecules. These capsules show a dual-nature: (i) active, because of the presence of the hero ingredient, phytosterol, released upon capsule degradation and (ii) delivery system, because of the ability to host other actives working in synergy with phytosterol or targeting other skin concerns.


A versatile and classic cosmetic delivery system.

Liposomes are a delivery system based on natural phospholipids for a controlled and sustainable release of cosmetic active ingredients.

The membrane of liposomes is analogous to cell membranes, making them a natural release system for many types of active, preferably hydrophilic in nature. Our liposomes increase the efficiency of the active ingredient. In some cases, too, they can help decrease their toxicity, so that undesirable side effects are minimized.

Our liposomes show a good absorption, penetration and diffusion profile of the active ingredient and ensure its stability and bioavailability throughout the skin. Easy-to-customize.