Hair Micro Adhesives

Leave-on properties also in rinse-off hair products? This is HMA for.

Every day our hair is subjected to multiple factors of aggression that continually induce the loss of its natural properties, which if not restored quickly, end up causing internal structural damage, reaching in extreme cases to the temporary loss of hair. To counteract the structural harmful effects caused by the aforementioned aggressive conditions, it is necessary to treat and apply to the hair products and substances that are able to repair the damage suffered, that protect it and restore its original properties of health, firmness, shine and integrity. It is fine for leave-on product but not for rinse-off formulations.

HMA has been developed as delivery system for hair with excellent substantivity. Coacervation techniques are used. This is a process of coating active ingredients, in the form of molecules, solid particles or liquid globules, with materials of different nature, to give rise to submicron sized particles that contain active ingredients with different functions (photoprotector, nutritive, conditioner), designed to achieve a better fixation and performance of the mentioned active principles in the hair fiber.