Novel delivery systems:
Boosting cosmetics performance with measurable precision

The primary directive of a delivery system
is to solve a problem.

Cosmetic delivery systems are technologies created to incorporate, integrate, protect and stabilize active ingredients within skin care, personal care or cosmetic products. It is the true reason for active ingredients performance that make cosmetic delivery systems so vitally important to end product formulations.

Our products

Delivery Systems - Our Technologies

Targeted Delivery Systems

Luxury Particles (NP)

Advanced Lipid Technology

Alginate Submicrocapsules

Lipid carriers (NLC)

Skin Shuttles

Molecular Films

Delivery Systems for Hair

Personalized Delivery Systems

At Infinitec we develop and manufacture delivery systems products for scientific and technical cosmetic applications. We also produce bespoke delivery systems as a basis for branded and white label cosmetic products. Capable of engineering a wide range of novel ways of active stabilization, release or even targeting capabilities, our novel delivery systems are able to contain the most complex compounds. Our main activities are feasibility studies, formulation, development, manufacturing, characterization and quality control.

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