The Cosmetic Drone® to eliminate cellulite. Discover with X50® Silhouette the power of an intelligent delivery system that recognizes and acts selectively on adipocytes. A combined triple action that inhibits the accumulation of fat, inhibits the formation of new adipocytes and activates lipolysis or fat-burning. To finally say goodbye to superficial fat and orange peel.

Cell targeted polymeric capsule, encapsulates a peptide active inside that inhibits lipogenesis and adipogenesis. The exterior of the capsule is decorated with a smart ligand that recognizes adipocytes, selectively bringing the capsule to the site of action, and also activates lipolysis.

On average, an adult accumulates about 13.5 kg of fat cells. When you gain weight, these cells increase in size up to 4 times before subdividing. In order to modulate the silhouette and efficiently reduce fat, Infinitec proposes this new Cosmetic Drone® that acts triple and synergistically on adipocytes to reduce their proliferation and inhibit the accumulation of lipids by inhibiting their formation and eliminating those that already exist.

In addition, thanks to its high penetration and selectivity by adipocytes, visible effects of 1% reduction in superficial fat and 7% reduction in orange peel are achieved in just 8 weeks, at very low concentrations of the active ingredient (0.001% ).


Up to 2.5% reduction of superficial fat in vivo

Up to 14% reduction of orange peel in vivo

100% penetration into the epidermis and dermis

80% higher selectivity for adipocytes

80% greater efficacy at extremely low doses (0.001%)

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