The Whitening Cosmetic Drone®. Discover with X50® Pure White the power of an intelligent release system that recognizes and delivers the active ingredient that unifies facial tone and reduces spots. For a more luminous and rejuvenated skin.

Polymeric capsule, encapsulates an active inside that inhibits melanin synthesis induced by facultative factors. The outside of the capsule is decorated with a dual-action smart ligand: it recognizes melanocytes and inhibits melanin synthesis by UV radiation.

The color of our skin, or pigmentation, is regulated by many processes, not only sun exposure but also intrinsic factors in the body that increase melanin synthesis. X50® Pure White manages to whiten the skin naturally thanks to its synergistic actives that act by controlling the synthesis of melanin induced by UV rays and also that induced by facultative factors. Thanks to the high penetration and selectivity of this Cosmetic Drone, an increase in luminosity and a visible reduction of spots is achieved in 8 weeks.


x13 more skin brightness in vivo

x6 spot fading in vivo

100% homogeneous penetration into the epidermis and dermis

70% higher selectivity for melanocytes

70% greater efficacy at extremely low doses (0.001%)

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