The Cosmetic Drone® for radiant skin. Discover with X50® Photoglow the power of an intelligent delivery system that recognizes and acts selectively on key cells, with a dual action that increases collagen synthesis and transforms the energy of visible sunlight into cellular energy. For a more luminous, radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Light is one of the environmental factors that most interact with our body. Certain molecules in our skin absorb light energy, leading to multiple biological reactions. X50® Photoglow uses the absorption of visible light to transform it into beneficial energy for the cell and which in turn increases the density of the skin. Thanks to the high penetration and selectivity of this Cosmetic Drone®, a 33% increase in luminosity and a 55% radiant effect is achieved in just 4 weeks.

Polymeric capsule, encapsulates an active inside that absorbs visible light and transforms it into cellular energy. The exterior of the capsule is decorated with a dual-action smart ligand: it recognizes fibroblasts and increases the synthesis of type I pro-collagen.


Up to 45% brightening effect

Up to 145% more luminous radiant effect (light reflection)

100% homogeneous penetration into the epidermis and dermis

80% higher selectivity for melanocytes

80% greater efficacy at extremely low doses (0.001%)

Drone / Selectivity / Efficiency Concept

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