Carnauba wax lipid capsules are composed of biodegradable lipids that show low toxicity.

Compared to other waxes, carnauba wax is significantly less viscous (and therefore easier to handle during the processing of the capsule), more elastic, more resistant to deformation and has very favorable properties of physical and chemical stability, good tolerability and biodegradability making it an excellent release system for oil-soluble active ingredients.

The small size ensures close contact with the stratum corneum and can increase the amount of active administered to the skin.


Best suitable option as active delivery platform for lipophilics

Made of 100% Natural Carnauba Wax

Excellent stability, entrapment capacity and resistance to high temperatures

Enhanced, faster and effective penetration in skin


vitAlease 3.3: High retinol level for every formulation
vitAlease 7: Highest retinol level, lower irritation potential

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