Made of vegetal polymers, this novel delivery system guarantees the stability of actives without oxidizing and enhances their cutaneous absorption. This particular administration system, called molecular film, is a thin functional layer that easily extends over the epidermis favoring cutaneous absorption of the actives.

Its solubility in oil made it a very occlusive system apart from the inherent benefits to the encapsulated actives themselves, a significant hydration profile that becomes apparent through trans-epidermal water loss techniques (TEWL – Trans-Epidermal Water Loss). The particular rheology of molecular films allows for the extension of monolayers of functional ingredients on the skin, which are absorbed through the stratum corneum with ease.


Novel delivery systems that creates a thin functional monolayers over skin

Excellent occlusive system plus inherent benefits from actives

Excellent spreadability

Made of vegetal-origin biopolymers

Suitable for lipophilic actives


UMTF Ceramide III

UMTF Retinol

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