Trojan® technology is a cutting-edge delivery system able to surgically and effectively deliver cosmetic active ingredients to fibroblast’s mitochondria.

Trojan® technology displays a dual-mode, extremely precise targeting ability: first targets fibroblasts, and once internalized into their cytosol, then targets mitochondria. The active ingredient is released at mitochondrial level.

Trojan® particles are based on PLGA (poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)) which surface has been decorated with two peptides for dual-mode cellular targeting, whereas its core has been loaded with the desired active ingredient.


First skin-mitochondria targeting delivery system

Two ligand peptides – Dual target: cell membrane receptor and mitochondria surface

Optimal for dermal application

Enhanced, faster and effective penetration in skin

Good compatibility for hydro and lipophilic actives

Low level of use

Zero-waste of active ingredient


Trojan® Q10: Antioxidant action at the very source of free radicals production

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