Si-Matrix is a balanced combination of micro-silica in a delivery system as molecular Film. It re-structures damaged tissues, giving a controlled tensor effect.


The analysis of silica quantities at the human body have been widely studied. It is found at the connective tissue, blood vessels, cartilage, liver, skin, nails, hair… Silica is an important element on the structures that conform the conjunctive tissue as collagen, elastin, structural proteoglycans.


Under this hypothesis, we tested the capability of Si-Matrix at 5% to reduce wrinkles. It was assessed by studying the macro-rugosity of silicon replicas of the eye contour obtained from 10 volunteers. The treatment with the evaluated product has lasted four weeks and samples at time 0 and time 30 days have been measured.

The skin replicas below show the improvement of the wrinkle depth after 30 days of treatment using a cream containing 5% of Si-Matrix. After this test, it can be concluded that, as average, Si-Matrix reduced the depth of wrinkles up to 22%.


Reestructuring, firming biosilica

It helps regenerate damaged skin tissues

Provides long-lasting delivery of actives and immediate hydration effect

Anti-wrinkle efficacy in vivo

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