This novel active platform is based on a 2-in-1 delivery system called Shuttle. It is made of a very thin monolayer functional film that incorporates silica microsponges in its core. A delivery system inside other delivery system.

As a film, it spreads very well on the epidermis favouring cutaneous absorption of active ingredients. It shows a very good semi-occlusive and exhibits a significative and immediate moisturizing profile demonstrated through TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss) techniques.

Inside the film, biosilica microsponges from diatoms are used as delivery system for multiple actives and have a particular effect: they absorb energy into the infrared region, particularly in IR-A range. So Shuttles also have a potential impact against infrared radiation, particularly in IR-A and, therefore, could be used as “IR protection”.


Two novel delivery systems in one: molecular films and silica micro-sponges

Excellent semi-occlusive film-forming properties for immediate TEWL reduction

Encapsulation system inside the film made with silica micro-sponges suitable for hydrophilic actives

Best option for cosmetic applications that offers moisturization as additional properties

IR-Protection as added value


Aqua Shuttle : Immediate and long-lasting hydrating properties

Regen Plus : Hydration and anti-wrinkle effect for mature skins

Si-Matrix : Silica, a key ingredient for skin regeneration and repair

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