Based on phytosterol delivery, PhytosteCol is a nutraceutical that nourishes and hydrates mature skin.

Liposome-like vesicle formed by phosphatidylinositol, phytosterol, and ascorbyl palmitate. Phytosterol is a simile of cholesterol of plant origin that mimics the function of cholesterol in the cell membrane. In addition to being an active ingredient, it provides stability to the lipid vesicle. Phytostecol also allows the encapsulation of other active ingredients of synergistic action with phytosterol.

The new PhytosteCol is a dual product that acts as both a release and an active system, and which restores the cholesterol level in mature skin, to restore the correct barrier function of the skin and increase its hydration.


80% greater penetration into the skin thanks to lipid vesicles

4x higher sterol content in cell membrane

100% rehydration after a 60% loss in mature skin

Nutraceutical / superfood / well-aging concept

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