The wellness hair-care movement continues to gain steam. Many are now joining a growing tide of beauty brands interested in “healthy hair” as a concept. NOSILFIX, a novel technology for hair that creates an extremely pleasant,
lightweight, invisible shield on the hair. NOSILFIX can help improve not only the immediate look and feel of hair, but, as an active delivery system, also help absorb hair nurturing ingredients and improve it with time.

There are some factors that can affect hair structure and damage it, for example dry appearance. Some of the causes can be the excess of humidity in the environment, stress, diet unbalance, smoking, shampoo and hot water wash triggering dehydration. The explanation for this phenomenon (frizzing) is the fact that hair cuticle layers are raised, allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands. As a result, the hair appears dry and frizzy instead of smooth and defined.

Products claiming to ward off frizzing will always probably contain silicones. The reason is the action over the fiber from silicones, which acts as a film forming, attaching and creating an artificial barrier that avoids external moisture, mainly humidity, from getting in the hair shaft.

Nosilfix Anti-Frizz has been proved to be able to penetrate inside the fiber and release the active ingredients, improving free active penetration more than 3 times and contributing to enhance efficacy. In this way, the product diffuses from out to in, being capable to act in both external and internal structures of the hair. A product containing Chondrus Crispus algae extract decreases a 34,29% the frizz effect after one single application after being subjected to extreme conditions, such decrease remains invariable, which indicates that the product not only present an important anti-frizz capacity but also is able to maintain this condition in extreme ambiances.


Silicon-like delivery system for hair

Help keep hair moisture

Protects and reinforces hair structure in both healthy and damaged hair

Anti-Frizz effect tested under extreme conditions

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