The ‘Most Valuable Peptide’ is a technological concept created by Infinitec that encompasses a range of products in which noble metals or precious stones are conjugated with biomimetic peptides, improving their stability and bioavailability and providing numerous benefits.

In our MVP Sapphire Lift, we use sapphire as a protective shield that helps firming peptides win the battle against sagging and loss of firmness.

The sapphire has been viewed for centuries as a divine symbol and promoter of good health.

MVP Sapphire Lift uses sapphire as a vehicle and the peptides Glutathione and Palmitoyl Tripetide-28 stimulate the synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins and the metabolism of the dermis, and have antioxidant, anti-glycation, detox and metalloproteinase inhibition effects.


Sapphire particles as a protective shield

Peptides stimulate ECM protein synthesis, reduce UVA-induced MMP formation, increase cell viability, and have antioxidant benefits

25% firmer skin in vivo

20% more skin elasticity in 28 days in vivo

More than 50% of peptides are still available after 30 hours, thus increasing their life by up to 90 times

Luxury / Premium Concept

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