‘The Most Valuable Peptide’ is a technological concept created by Infinitec that encompasses a range of products in which noble metals or precious stones are conjugated with biomimetic peptides, improving their stability and bioavailability and providing numerous benefits.

In our MVP Diamond Sirt, we use diamond as a protective shield that helps anti-aging peptides fight the effects of premature aging caused by oxidation and UV exposure.

The diamond is a precious stone that, apart from being throughout history a symbol of wealth and energy, is frequently used as an exfoliating agent and optical diffuser to equalize the tone and improve the complexion of the skin.

The MVP Diamond Sirt uses diamond as a vehicle and Acetyl Sh-Pentapeptide-35 peptide that augments SIRT-1 expression in fibroblasts and keratinocytes to prevent oxidation caused by UV-induced free radicals and oxidants.


Diamond as a protective shield

The peptide stimulates the synthesis of SIRT1

Lowers the expression of the HSP70 heat shock proteins produced by UV stress and helps protect DNA

More than 90% of the peptides are still available after 24 hours, thus increasing their bioavailability

Luxury / Premium Concept

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