Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 is one of the most loved peptides in the cosmetic market, with proven demand. At Infinitec, we fused this powerful peptide with the protective luxury of one of our cutting-edge delivery systems, our gold particles, to create a superior cosmetic ingredient.

Unexpectedly, besides the free peptide main targets are Coll I and Coll III, MatriGold® showed to dramatically boost Coll IV synthesis by 130%, re-enforcing the too-often forgotten dermis-epidermal junction and fighting the first sign of aging, fine lines.

MatriGold® provided the highest performance and efficacy at only 0.3%, because of its enhanced skin penetration as well as double stability to enzymatic degradation than the free peptide. After 4 weeks of treatment with 0.3% MatriGold®, volunteers reported that their eye counter looked smoother and plumped out, being the number and length of wrinkles reduced by a 30%.

And when the treatment was prolonged to 8 weeks, the length and surface of the wrinkles were improved by a 50%.


Premium, innovative approach for Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 based products

It works at the dermis-epidermis junction level synthesizing type IV Collagen

High-tech and innovation to serve the evolving expectations of luxury consumers

China compliant

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