It is very well known that obesity is a metabolic syndrome defined as a pathologic increase of the body fat. In cellulite, adipocytes grow substantially in size, due to the accumulation of triglycerides in their interior, giving the so called lipid droplet. Therefore, hydrolysis of these triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. the activation of the blood circulation and capillary permeability should be regulated.

LPD Slimming encapsulates caffeine, brown algae and ivy extract. Xantic bases as caffeine, that play the role of inhibiting the phosphosdysterase, combined with the laminaria, which is responsible of the increment at the levels of cAMP, within the adipocyte, entail a stimulation of the PKA-Protein-kinase. This fact provokes, in the end, the activation of the LSH-lipase, responsible of the lipolysis.

The application of a product containing 5% LPD Slimming in a period of 4 weeks help reduce the signs of cellulite who underwent the clinical test. A reduction of infiltrated fat by 17.5% was determined and an average reduction of 2.3cm in the thighs.


Lipolytic actives encapsulated in liposomes

17.5% less dermal infiltrated fat in 4 weeks

2.3 cm (average data) reduction in the thighs in 4 weeks

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