Liposomes are a delivery system based on natural phospholipids for a controlled and sustainable release of cosmetic active ingredients. The membrane of liposomes is analogous to cell membranes, making them a natural release system for many types of active, preferably hydrophilic in nature. Our liposomes increase the efficiency of the active ingredient. In some cases, too, they can help decrease their toxicity, so that undesirable side effects are minimized.

Our liposomes show a good absorption, penetration and diffusion profile of the active ingredient and ensure its stability and bioavailability throughout the skin. Easy-to-customize.


Traditional encapsulation

Made with phosphatidylcholine

Suitable option for, preferably, hydrophilic compounds in nature

Good cost/efficiency ratio


LPD Multivitamin : Liposomes and 4 oil-soluble vitamins

LPD Lightening : Liposomes and the antioxidant power of vitamin C

LPD Slimming : Fastest lipolytic activity

LPD Kojic Acid: Melanin control with stabilised kojic acid.

LPD Hyaluronic Acid 1%

LPD Vitamin A : Vitamin A enhanced activity delivered in liposomes

3D Hydra APS : Capsules plenty of water for thirsty skin. A topical drink

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