The Cosmetic Drones® are able to actively target specific cell lines by the mean of affinity peptides ligands conjugated onto the surface of the particles and mediate receptor-mediated endocytosis.

The targeting peptide activates also specific cellular pathways, synergistically related to the action of the encapsulated active.The encapsulated active ingredient is released only where and when it is needed the most, so it is effective at very low doses.



Unique, Infinitec exclusive delivery system

Actively-targeted to skin cells

Market Best cost-effectiveness

Enhanced, faster and effective penetration in skin

Maximum efficacy at lowest dosage

Protects and brings delivery systems within targets

Good compatibility for hydro and lipophilic actives


X50® Anti-Aging: The Cosmetic Drone® to fight off wrinkles and first signs of aging

X50® Silhouette: The Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Cosmetic Drone®

X50® Myocept: The best targeted solution for lines of expression

X50® Pure White: Dual action mechanism in whitening applications

X50® PhotoGlow: Skin photosynthesis for a glowing, radiant look

X50® Hyalufiller: Stimulates your own hyaluronic acid for a plumping, long-lasting wrinkle-filling effect

X50® Skin Barrier: Promoting a healthy epidermis for improved skin protection

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