AquaShuttle represents a new concept in the field of hydrating products. It is the result of advanced encapsulation and the technology of combined molecular covers and can be applied to already proven efficacious active ingredients.

Mimicking the skin’s natural hydration. Taking as an example the diatoms, a unicellular eukaryotic algae type found in marine ecosystems, it has been possible to mimic their nature and to reproduce the structure of such diatoms allowing the encapsulation of active ingredients into the core of those sponge-like structures.

Based on this technology, our lab has designed an innovative process to encapsulate the main active ingredients: glycerin, sorbitol and Laminaria Digitata which are released through a controlled release system in the skin ensuring effective and long lasting hydration.

Encapsulated active ingredients are combined to prevent the TEWL and added in hygroscopic agents maintain and/or recover the hydration balance. 12 hours after its application, hydration values gave an extra 48% hydration (8% AquaShuttle) compared to hyaluronic acid (1%).


2-in-1 delivery system : silica microsponges inside a molecular film

Provides long-lasting delivery of actives and immediate hydration effect

Excellent cost-effective option for moisturizers with additional features

Additional rheology enhancement

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