Activys® Red-Out is a product targeting redness that tackles skin immuno-modulation and reinforces skin barrier function to help reduce facial flushing and chronic redness, especially in atopic-prone condition and skin hypersensitivity. It is based on curcumin and pine bark extracts encapsulated in a new capsule (Activys®) specifically developed for sensitive and sensitized skin.

Skin redness is a true cosmetic concern. Redness is an indication that there’s inflammation in the skin and blood is rushing in to try to heal it. Red has never been a synonym of calm and tranquility. Redness is skin’s default reaction to any number of conditions but the three most common are rosacea, allergies and skin sensitivity.

Activys® Red-Out helps to reduce the intensity in 21% and its area in 18%. Efficacy in 20 volunteers after 28 days of application.


Encapsulated actives : curcumin and pine bark

Helps reduce the intensity of redness in 21% in vivo

Helps reduce the area of redness in 18 % in vivo

Anti-redness efficacy in atopic skin

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