Activys® Anti-Pollution was developed to combat the effects of pollution on skins that are most affected by pollutants, the sensitive ones. The capsule incorporates a ferment (Aspergyllus) and three extracts (Spirulina, Ascophyllum, Phormidium) to counteract the different agents that affect the skin in contaminated environments (gases, particles, and heavy metals).

Pollution is, along with UVA and UVB, the first cause of premature aging of the skin, especially in urban environments. Pollution generates a large amount of free radicals, steals oxygen from cells and accelerates the cellular aging process. In sensitive skins, the effects of pollution usually aggravate due to a lower efficiency of the barrier function causing redness in the skin.


Powerful antioxidant (increases skin protection levels by 3% in only 15 minutes

Helps reduce heavy metal content by 4% in only 15 minutes

Helps increase skin detoxification by 7% in 24 hours

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