Activys® Anti-Glycation was developed to reduce the effects of glycation on the skin and minimize the possible visible effects (redness) on sensitive skin. The capsule incorporates a ferment (Aspergyllus).

Activys® Anti-Glycation is a potent antioxidant (increases the antioxidant levels in the skin by up to 12% (Antioxidant Score), rejuvenates the skin in 18 years (relative to the levels of glycation at D0 vs D28) and reduces the yellowish color of the skin (characteristic of skins with high levels of glycation-diabetics) in 1.5% Efficacy in 20 volunteers after 28 days of application.

Glycation and oxidation are two of the most important processes involved in skin aging. Glycation consists of a slow reaction of sugars such as glucose and ribose with amino acid groups of a protein. In dermatological terms, glycation is understood as a spontaneous reaction of blood glucose with the dermal fibers of collagen and elastin. The resulting products of the glycation accumulate both inside and outside the cells and bind proteins of the plasma membrane, circulating proteins and structural proteins, the latter aspect being the one that most influences the aging process of the skin.

The products resulting from glycation are known collectively as advanced glycation end products or AGE by their English nomenclature (Advance Glycation End Products) and accumulate in the extracellular matrix of the skin. In short, what happens in the skin is a chain reaction that leads to a state of stiffness and fragility of the skin that can make it more sensitive.


Targeted antioxidant

Helps neutralise free radicals at their very source

Helps reduce cell and skin damage from escaping free radicals

Cell protection

Cell re-energizer

Helps stimulate collagen production

Improves skin firmness and elasticity

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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