The skin, as any other part of body requires water to keep hydrated. This essential element ensures the health and wellness to our bodies. Water is the main compound of living material. Water represents 70-80% of the skin composition, being 10% at the stratum corneum, and 70% for the deeper layers.

3D Hydra APS is based in encapsulated polarized water. Special physical-chemical properties of the water are due to the specific configuration of its molecules and polarized water shows better absorption. Polarized water allows cluster to be smaller in size (6-7 molecules instead of 10-12). This is the key, as the absorption through cell walls is higher.


Another innovative way to get your skin hydrated

Barrier function (filaggrins study). Western Blotting

5-fold increase (hydration levels) in 30 minutes (compared to placebo control)

8-fold increase (hydration levels) in 12 hours (compared to placebo control)

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