Customizable design and fabrication
of cosmetic novel delivery systems

Contract manufacturing:
Frequent Asked Questions


Does the customized product include the active ingredient?

No. Due to the wide variety of assets and multiple cosmetic applications on the market, the active ingredient is selected by the client according to the desired cosmetic effect.

Is the active ingredient facilitated by the client?

There are two options. Or the client gives us the necessary ingredient for each manufacturing (to be determined) or asks Infinitec to manage the acquisition of the same.

How is the price determined?

The base price of the product is set taking into account the minimum quantities that are requested according to the technology chosen.

Is there any basic agreement?

The basis of any development establishes a minimum, basic agreement that establishes the physical-chemical properties of the final product, determines the minimum quantity to be acquired and includes the Infinitec exclusivity guarantee for said product.

Will the final product be exclusive?

Yes. Infinitec's guarantee of exclusivity ensures that the product developed for the client will be of exclusive use during the entire duration of the contract, provided that the purchase quantities agreed upon in it are met. Infinitec guarantees that it will not develop, manufacture or supply an identical product for third parties during the term of the contract. After the end of it, it may be extended or rescinded according to the interests of the client.

Does this exclusivity include intellectual property?

No. In no case, the development of a customized product under a certain technology implies the cession of the intellectual property rights of the same.

Do the plan include any efficacy study?

No. Due to the wide variety of studies and requirements of each client, Infinitec can offer and evaluate a list of in vitro and / or in vivo studies to client selection.
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