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We are private, independent, innovative and technology-drive biotech company with special focus on the research, process, development, synthesis and manufacture of novel active delivery systems for cosmetic applications and other innovative compounds.

Our strong R&D Department is key. Located at Barcelona Science Park, 130 sqm of state-of-the art laboratories, over 6 nationalities and deep scientific background staff.

With 10 Patents and avg. 15% turnover committed to R&D Investment, Infinitec clearly focus on innovation in cosmetic delivery systems and applications.

Founded in 2006, we are:

A private, independent, innovate and technology-drive biotech company

Committed to staff and market presence

We bet on multicultural approach and innovation


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Finance Manager

Cosmetic Delivery Systems? Why?

Drug delivery has progressed over the last six decades until becoming an essential part of pharmaceutical sciences.

From the first active delivery approved for clinical use, the technology has brought remarkable developments with significant clinical implications. In medicine, topical and transdermal route have been increasingly used as alternative to oral route in cosmetics, delivery system investigations are growing rapidly.

Up to 25 parameters are considered by our researchers when developing an active delivery system such as: size, payload, depth, targeting, booster action, level of use,  bioavailability, simplicity, versatility, easy-customization or patentability.

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The active and voluntary contribution from Infinitec towards environmental,
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