X50 Skin Barrier

X50 Skin Barrier is an active ingredient active that stimulates, reconstructs, regenerates the natural moisturizing factor, redensifies, protects and rebuilds a new protein structure of the epidermis, restoring and improving the volume of the cornified envelope in order to restore its primary function, the barrier function.

The Skin Maker® contains two specific peptides stimulates the expression of different key to the proper functioning of the epidermis and its natural barrier function structural proteins. X50 Skin Barrier is selectively vectorized to keratinocytes due the presence of a specific and selective ligand located on the surface of the capsule.

One of the key factors to keeping skin and its functional elements healthy is to ensure that the epidermis structure is in good condition.

After more than 50 years, it has been recognized that the stratum corneum exhibits biological properties that directly contribute to maintaining and sustaining healthy skin. The basic science and clinical research continues with acute clinical observation that has led to a more recent recognition and general acceptance that the stratum corneum serves many vital tasks in the “barrier” function.

The loss of function and structural stability in the cornified envelope as a result of intrinsic and extrinsic processes inevitably precedes a progressive loss of skin integrity and the protection function, giving rise to the pathogenesis of numerous skin disorders.


X50 Skin Barrier The Cosmetic Drone for Keratinocytes Brochure
X50 Skin Barrier Powder-X500073-Comp-IE-v2r0
X50 Skin Barrier Powder-X500073-SDS-IE-v2r0
X50 Skin Barrier Powder-X500073-TDS-IE-v2r0
X50 Skin Barrier Suspension-X500074-Comp-IE-v1r0
X50 Skin Barrier Suspension-X500074-SDS-IE-v1r0
X50 Skin Barrier Suspension-X500074-TDS-IE-v1r0

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