X50 Photoglow

Turn light into energy …turn dull into glow.

X50 PHOTOGLOW is a new cosmetic active ingredient that transforms the light in order to increase the levels of cellular energy and to obtain radiant and more luminous skin. X50 PHOTOGLOW gives a healthy glow to dull, tired and stressed skin.

X50 PHOTOGLOW concept is based on the photo-modulation triggered in our body to transform light energy in cellular energy. The cells can be stimulated through an energetic increase, for example: collagen production, regeneration of aged skin or photo-aged skin. Additionally, the cells can use this energy to obtain luminosity and glow and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

The photodynamic therapy of X50 PHOTOGLOW is based on the delivery of a photosensitive (exogenous chromophore) that is eventually excited by visible light, as the light itself is not strong enough to trigger a significant photochemical reaction in the tissue. This reaction transforms the light energy absorbed by the skin into cellular energy to increase the cellular activity.


X50Photoglow Brochure
X50Photoglow The Cosmetic Drone for Skin Radiance PPT MKT EN
X50Photoglow The Cosmetic Drone for Skin Radiance TD EN
X50Photoglow The Cosmetic Drone for Skin Radiance PPT TEC EN
X50 Photoglow Powder-X500030-Comp-IE-v1r0
X50 Photoglow Powder-X500030-SDS-IE-v1r0
X50 Photoglow Powder-X500030-TDS-IE-v1r0
X50 Photoglow Solution-X500065-Comp-v1r0
X50 Photoglow Solution-X500065-SDS-v1r0
X50 Photoglow Solution-X500065-TDS-v1r0

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