Wrinkle reduction with encapsulated and stabile retinol.

RETICAP is a polymeric microencapsulated retinol specifically designed to keep its activity due to the stability enhancement in its formulation. RETICAP is a stable aqueous dispersion. Due to the stability and the barrier effect that the microcapsule wall provides, the retinol activity is prolonged as anti-wrinkle active, and with a long lasting effect on the skin. Uniquely, it stabilizes the degradation of retinol to offer a more compatible ingredient for formulations with limited color shifts.

Our microcapsules range a diameter of 0.5 to 5 micrometers and have been designed specifically for cosmetic applications. Due to the capability to modify the physical properties of the retinol surface, it improves the affinity and the absorption in the outer layers of the skin without affecting its structure.

Functionalized microcapsules have been developed to reach a good balance between stability to the environment to avoid the oxidation and loss of activity and a relatively easy delivery. Additionally, they have been designed to maximize biocompatibility and biodegradability and minimize the degradation of retinol.

Reticap: a stabile wrinkle-fighter. Through our technology we have created an ingredient that is formulation-friendly, non-irritating, and extremely compatible to offer an innovative and unique addition to wrinkle-fighting products.


Reticap Brochure
Reticap TD ENv1
Reticap (PF)-CAP0001PF-Comp-IE-v1r2
Reticap (PF)-CAP0001PF-MSDS-IE-v1r2
Edit Reticap (PF)-CAP0001PF-TDS-IE-v1r2

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