Renaissance: A Re-birth for Skin.

In skin aging, the distinction between youth and senescence lies in dermis, the skin’s structural inferior layer. Any alteration in the dermal architecture can cause evident changes often and unfortunately resulting in aged skin. RENAISSANCE gives an outstanding technology to help restore firmness, compactness ,elasticity, smoothness and structure to damaged and aging skin.

At Infinitec we have created RENAISSANCE, a revolutionary technology which increases the ability to renew, regenerate, redensify , rebuild and restore skin tissue and help bridge the aging gap .

RENAISSANCE is a carefully designed peptide complex that works in two different ways; it builds up a 3D regenerative matrix that improves the properties of the ECM, and in parallel, it contributes by signaling the cells with the aim to activate cellular functions such as proliferation and differentiation. This process provides regeneration , reconstruction and redensification of a new more youthful skin.


Renaissance Powder-AA0039-Comp-IE-v2r2
Renaissance Powder-AA0039-SDS-IE-v2r2
Renaissance Powder-AA0039-TDS-IE-v2r2

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