Marine C Thiopeptide

Sea of healing for acne.

MarineC THIOPEPTIDE is a marine origin active ingredient, natural and safe and non-irritating for acne treatment and acne prone skins. It helps relieve blemishes and reduce redness and inflammation without the harsh, drying,
irritating effects of typical acne ingredients. It calms and soothes with natural healing properties.

MarineC THIOPEPTIDE is a marine derived extract with strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an ideal treatment for inflammatory acne and in general for acne prone skin, especially sensitive skin. It is a 100% natural ingredient of proven efficacy and without side effects.

The majority of topical ingredients to treat inflammatory acne are derived from either Vitamin A, or benzoyl peroxide (the traditional anti-microbial ingredient) or topical antibiotics. Many of these compounds provoke dryness, irritation, and inflammation as well as increased skin sensitivity along with many other undesired side effects. Acne patients, however, prefer to suffer these side effects rather than to bear the visible blemishes and inflammation.

The natural extract in MarineC THIOPEPTIDE accelerates skin recovery and reduces redness and inflammation in acne Types I and II with a visible reduction in blemishes of 27%.


MarinecThiopeptide Brochure
Marine-c Thiopeptide Solution (PF-WP)-BB0001PF-WP-Comp-IE-v2r2
Marine-c Thiopeptide Solution (PF-WP)-BB0001PF-WP-MSDS-IE-v2r2
Marine-c Thiopeptide Solution (PF-WP)-BB0001PF-WP-TDS-IE-v2r2
MarineCThiopeptide PPT ENv0214
MarineCThiopeptide TD ENv0214

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