LPD Lip Plumpler

Volume for lips.

LPD Lips helps the mobility and the protection of the fat in the adipocytes in order to achieve fuller lips.

LPD Lips entraps red algae oil inside a penetrating liposome to stimulate the nutritive action of the adipocytes. This increases lip volume and gives a more attractive fullness, density and plumpness to the lips.

LPD Lips stimulates 3 essential proteins in the adipocyte nutrition:

1) Fatty Acid Transferase (FAT) that is expressed in the adipocyte surface and eases the transport of fatty acids inside the cell.
2) Adiponutrin that promotes fatty triglyceride storage
3) Perilipin that forms the membrane of the lipid drops.

Clinical studies using 17 volunteers between ages 25 and 40 have shown a noticeable improvement in lip volume. Used twice daily, morning and night, increased volume was noticed within 28 days. After one month of treatment, 77% of the volunteers noticed an increase in lip volume, with an increase up to 3.4%.


LPDLip Brochure
LPD LipsPlumper PPT EN
LPD LipsPlumper DT EN
Lip Plumper Active (PF)-HD0234PF-Comp-IE-v3r2
Lip Plumper Active (PF)-HD0234PF-SDS-IE-v3r2
Lip Plumper Active (PF)-HD0234PF-TDS-IE-v3r2

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