Golden Collagenine

Anti-aging luxury and efficacy in gold.

Gold particles exhibit unique and useful physical properties including luminous optical properties, robustness and biocompatible surfaces. This makes them ideal candidates for the development of biomedical applications. Gold particles improve the delivery of the selected molecules in order to improve pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, solubility and efficacy.

Peptides are the hottest topic in the current market of delivery systems. Conjugation of gold particles with collagen booster peptides is a very attractive strategy to design novel cosmetic compounds when melding the peptide efficacy with the luxury status associated and offered with this precious metal.

Golden Collagenine: a luxury anti-aging peptide. Through our cutting-edge technology we have synthesized a peptide with a remarkable effect on collagen synthesis. Conjugated with gold particles it plays the role of mediating cellular signaling in specific activities that are necessary to keep a young and healthy skin look thereby increasing collagen synthesis and offering a unique approach to minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


Golden Collagenine (PF)-NP0001PF-Comp-IE-v9r0
Golden Collagenine (PF)-NP0001PF-SDS-IE-v9r0
Golden Collagenine (PF)-NP0001PF-TDS-IE-v9r0
Golden Collagenine-SiO2 (PF)-NP0017PF-Comp-IE-v2r1
Golden Collagenine-SiO2 (PF)-NP0017PF-SDS-IE-v2r1
Golden Collagenine-SiO2 (PF)-NP0017PF-TDS-IE-v2r1
MVP Golden Collagenine Powder-NP0036-Comp-IE-v7r0
MVP Golden Collagenine Powder-NP0036-SDS-IE-v7r0
MVP Golden Collagenine Powder-NP0036-TDS-IE-v7r0
MVP Golden Collagenine SM Solution-NP0068-Comp-IE-v2r0
MVP Golden Collagenine SM Solution-NP0068-SDS-IE-v2r0
MVP Golden Collagenine SM Solution-NP0068-TDS-IE-v2r0

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