Vegetable Stem Cells platform


Vegetable Stem Cells platform
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Stem cells are non-programmed and undifferentiated cells found in multicellular organisms that have a large capacity for self-renewal. The behavior and characteristics of stem cells depends on the signals from the neighboring environmental and epigenetic factors, which induce changes in gene expression. Their special properties provide stem cells with a great potential for regenerative medicine and cosmetic applications.

In skin, the better-known stem cells are in the epidermal basal layer. They are crucial to replenish the skin cells lost because of continual shedding and the differentiation process of keratinocytes. Also, they are crucial to create healthy new skin. Once depleted, the number of lost or dying skin cells outpaces the production of new cells, threatening the skin’s functionality.

NatureCells cultures allow a biotechnological production of stem cells of specific plant species, enriched with epigenetic factors and specific metabolites and placed into liposomes to enhance their penetration. The efficacy of NatureCells has been substantiated both in- vitro and in -vivo.