The Cosmetic Drone TM


The Cosmetic Drone TM
Products: X50 Photoglow, X50 Pure White, X50 Antiaging…..

The Cosmetic Drone is an integration of technologies to drive the active ingredient straightaway to the target cell. It means a clear step further in the evolution of delivery systems as it enables to select target cells with precision and to release the active ingredient into the cell’s core; a brand new delivery system developed to efficiently work at the right place and deliver active ingredients exactly where they are needed. It is like a cutting-edge cosmetic drone.

X50 capsule is the core of the Cosmetic Drone. To lead X50 Capsules TM to the target cell, a peptide ligand is chemically bonded to the outer layer of the capsule. It eventually leads the capsule to a specific receptor on the target cell. The hydrophilic chain of such a ligand displays “stealth”- like properties to avoid rapid non-specific clearance by other cells other than the desired specific targets.

This interaction triggers a process whereby the capsule arrives at the cell and delivers the active ingredient. Since the delivery takes place inside the cell, the efficacy is ensured at really low concentrations compared to other systems where the active ingredient needs to be at higher concentrations to ensure some activity due to the secondary interactions in its way to the target cell. This is the world’s most advanced delivery system available ONLY FROM INFINITEC.