Deliver Systems Platform


1. Aqueous Phase Technology (ATP):
Products: AquaShuttle, Regen Plus, Multivit Shuttle, Si-Matrix

Delivery systems for use in aqueous phases use diatoms, a type of unicellular, eukaryotic algae found throughout marine and fresh water ecosystems, as a driver.
Diatoms are capable of silication, a process by which they trap and mineralize silica that is essential in building their own skeletons.

Based on diatoms, INFINITEC is able to mimic their nature and reproduce the diatoms skeleton-like structures. As silicateins are shown to catalyze depositions of silica in vitro, so as a result they produce stable microstructures at room temperature with a neutral pH. Such properties turn them into a suitable carrier to vectorize some specific cosmetic actives.

2. Ultra Thin Molecular Films (UTMF)
Products: UTMF Ceramide III

Molecular films are composed either of one or several layers of amphiphilic molecules. Because a hydrophilic and hydrophobic part is included in the same structure, they are located at the air-water surface. Through laboratory techniques, adding surfactants creates layers of molecular films. These depositions create a sandwich-type structure in which active ingredients are protected by the surfactant layers and become an effective and sustained delivery system for many cosmetic actives.

3. Liposomes (LPD)
Products: LPD Lightening, LPD Slimming, LPD Eyelasher, LPD Lips….

LPD capsules are natural phospholipid-based delivery systems for a controlled and sustainable release of cosmetic active ingredients. LPD capsules are analogous to cell membranes so it turns them into a natural delivery system for many types of actives. LPD capsules increase the efficacy of the ingredient as well as decreasing the toxicity of some actives so the non-desirable side effects are minimized. LPD capsules show a better absorption, penetration and diffusion profile of the active ingredient and ensure its stability and bioavailability throughout the skin.

4. Specific for hair (HMA)
Products: HMA Silky, HMA Conditioner, HMA UV Shell

Encapsulation technique based on the induction of the partial polymer desolvation than it is then deposited in the form of coacervated droplets around the active ingredient. The phase separation (coacervation) is induced by a pH variation that produces an electronic restructuring of the system resulting in agglomerate or coacervate that separates itself from water.

5. Aqua polarsomas (APS)
Products: APS 3DHydra

Water is an essential element of the skin. When cells lose their water reservoirs all their metabolic processes are affected. Water molecules attract each other due to the H-H bond effect and this is the reason why they are actually organized in clusters. Polarized water allows formation of smaller clusters so that water absorption through cell walls is increased. APS Polarsomes are micro vesicles of natural phospholipids in a polarized water medium that encapsulates and delivers cosmetics active ingredients to the skin.

6. Microcapsules of poliurea (CAP)
Products: Reticap

Polymeric microcapsules containing active ingredients have been proposed and already used as biomedical carriers for delivery to different parts of the human body.
They have a large number of applications due to their versatile nature. They are biocompatible and biodegradable. Specially surface functionalized micro particles have been developed to reach a good balance of stability to environment. This avoids oxidation, loss of efficacy, and easy delivery.

INFINITEC polyurethane microcapsules are specially prepared between 0.5 to 5.0 microns particle size, which are suitable and specifically developed for cosmetic applications. They are manufactured in building blocks and their versatility lies in there; so they can be functionalized to achieve different mechanical properties for use in sun care applications (including UV protection) in hair-care products, in colour protection, and in hair surface treatments or phase change materials (PCM) to protect the skin and hair against either high or very low temperatures.