Blue Biotechnology Platform


Blue Biotechnology Platform (marine origin actives)
Product: Marine c Thiopeptide

Blue biotechnology is concerned with the application of molecular biological methods unique to marine and freshwater organisms. It involves the use of these organisms
and their derivatives for multiple purposes; one of the most remarkable is the identification, process and development of new active ingredients from marine origin sources.

However, the potential for developing marine active ingredients remains mainly unrevealed, due to the enormous diversity of sea organisms (most of them yet unexplored). INFINITEC has access to one of the largest and more diverse marine microorganisms collection, which provides a rich platform for screening, evaluating and using all possible cosmetic activities.
Marine microorganisms are prospected and classified. Isolated strains are collected in a strain library that will eventually scale up to an extract library. Potential cosmetic activities are detected by screening. Then, compounds are fractioned and included in a compounds library.

Our experience and know-how in the research, selection and development of active ingredients offers the easiest way for these products, which were originally developed for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, to now be used in the cosmetic field. After the product is screened and tested in skin cells, viable compounds are selected and toxicologically tested before being made available for the cosmetic market. Selected active ingredients will be then in vitro and in vivo tested in cosmetic applications to ensure their efficacy and activity.