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2015 Product list

INFINITEC is organized in technological platforms. A technology platform is a term that allows the creation of products and processes that support the present and future development. Establishes long-term capacity of INFINITEC in research and development of effective active ingredients for the future cosmetic industry. To INFINITEC, technology platforms is of great importance to facilitate scientific work while a solid foundation for researchers is created to optimize common resources and exploiting synergies with existing similar technologies. INFINITEC technology platforms along with their experience offer the market the opportunity to develop innovative active ingredients with high efficiency. The combination of understanding the needs of customers and the scientific structure allows us to foresee the cosmetic business from multiple approaches and create platforms that add value to the market.

The Cosmetic Drone TM

Combinatorial Chemistry Platform (synthesis of peptides)

Blue Biotechnology Platform (marine origin actives)

Deliver Systems Platform

Vegetable Stem Cells platform