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06 Apr
Cosmetic Drones

Infinitec introduces Cosmetic Drones, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients. This revolutionary system targets specific cells and releases active ingredients where needed. This selectivity allows a low dosage concentration making it a cost effective powerhouse. Infinitec Cosmetic Drones technology provides high efficacy in a sustained and safe manner for maximum results. The efficient […]

05 Apr
ISO GMP Certification

INFINITE has been recently certified ISO 22716: 2007 The certification ISO 22716: 2207 is a standard developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in which provides a Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for the cosmetics industry. The GMP pursue quality assurance establishing the appropriate guidelines to ensure necessary to obtain a product that meets the […]

04 Apr

INFINITEC has been recently certified as ISO 9001: 2008 The adoption of a system of quality management should be a strategic decision of the organization. The design and implementation of the system of quality management of an organization are influenced by the organizational environment, changes in that environment and the risks associated with that environment, […]